Xocai is the fastest growing MLM company in the world that specializes in high-antioxidant wellness and healthy, dark chocolate products. Xocai believes that the high levels of natural antioxidants that are found in its cacao can provide a viable solution to individual nutritional needs.  The Xoçai™ (sho-sigh) line, which currently includes 10 products, is manufactured utilizing a cold-press process, which preserves the natural nutritional values of the company’s proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals.  Each product has been formulated to provide you with a significant amount of antioxidants from our exclusive blend of cold-pressed cacao and freeze-dried açaí berries without the refined sugars and unhealthy fats, fillers and preservatives found in most other chocolates.

Need proof? Xocai has sold over $1 Billion in total combined  chocolate sales, that pretty much says it all!

Thousands have reported a rejuvenation of wellness and vitality from consuming Xoçai™ products, especially increased energy levels, an enhanced sense of well-being and lasting weight loss.  We love hearing the life-changing stories, and we’re confident that soon you’ll be sharing your own.

Every day, over 1 billion people worldwide eat chocolate; in fact, the average American consumes more than 12 pounds of chocolate each year.  Consequently, the Xoçai™ business is simple: replace the bad with the good.  The best part is that you will be paid to eat and share our Healthy Chocolate.  In short, long-term financial success, a new and flexible lifestyle, and a thriving business can be yours through the Xoçai™ opportunity.

We hope that you decide to join our Healthy Chocolate Family.  By doing so, you will be able to experience better health and increased wealth as you pursue your goals and dreams with the Xoçai™ products and the MXI Corp Healthy Chocolate business opportunity.